What is FINE Women?

FINE Women is an initiative created by Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. (BENI). The goal of FINE Women is to help women build a strong foundation for a financially fit lifestyle through open conversation with experts and other FINE Women.

What is FINE Women Academy?

The FINE Women Academy is a financial education and well-being certificate program.  Academy participants have direct access to tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to establish habits that will lead to financial health and wellness.

Why was the FINE Women Academy Developed?

BENI believes that financial wellness is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. By partnering with M&T Bank, we have been able to help women build financially independent and healthy lifestyles by providing them with education, mentoring, networking resources, financial literacy, entrepreneurship opportunities, career development and life skills.

Who is the FINE Women Academy Designed for?

The FINE Women Academy is designed for women 18 years of age and older.

How do you enroll in the Academy?

To enroll in the Academy you must register as a member and complete a personal wellness plan survey to assess your needs and goals for success.

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